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January 27, 2010

This is Rob Brough, Zions Bank, speaking on business.

In the early 1980s, during the last economic crunch, Lynn Bigelow was in the construction business. Watching the changes taking place around him, Lynn decided to shift his focus and started doing work on restaurants such as cleaning exhaust areas, repairing equipment and completing small renovations.

Lynn continued that type of work for several years until the economy improved, then again shifted focus to residential remodels. At first, most of the work was done with pencil and paper as he helped clients visualize what completed projects would look like. Today, Lynn's company, Bigelow Enterprises, provides computer-aided design technology to come up with the perfect remodel.

The process begins with a free consultation. Lynn and his staff members meet with clients in their homes to better understand their lifestyle and what they hope to accomplish with the remodel. Bigelow employees then draw up several remodel options based on the meeting, show them to the client and create new plans incorporating all elements the client likes. Once this process is complete, Lynn then creates a plan to complete the renovation, in the order the client feels is most important.

Bigelow Enterprises has worked with a wide variety of clients including some high profile projects with former Oakland Raider Todd Christensen, movie actor Robert Ulrich and the interior designers of the MGM Grand and Excalibur casinos. The company also completed work on the Salt Lake Hardware building, for Gastronomy and much of the common area for the Canyons Ski Resort.

Over the years, Lynn's Sandy company has developed many strengths and capabilities to offer its clients. His business strategy has worked well thus far as much of his workload comes from repeat business and referrals. Bigelow Enterprises' greatest strengths are experience and flexibility, which helps the company ensure that projects are always finished to the client's specifications.

For Zions Bank, I'm Rob Brough. I'm speaking on business.

Bigelow Enterprises
9487 S. 500 West #2
Sandy, UT 84070


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